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Gladiator Guild Manager is a strategic autobattler sim where you build a team of gladiators, compete in arenas, plan fight tactics, and form alliances. Combine fighters, beasts, and mages, develop and equip them to optimize your well-oiled fighting machine, dominate the championships, and leave your mark on the world.

Hire your first gladiators and begin your adventure in this epic fantasy world.

Compete in Arena Championships

Choose gladiators for each fight, position them, and instruct their behavior. The battle will play out on its own, showing you the results of your strategy. Keep a close watch on your enemy, understand their moves, and figure out how to best counter them. Your goal is to win all the arena championships.

Grow Your Team

As you progress, you’ll be able to build new types of buildings that will let you hire new types of gladiators, including warriors, rangers, beasts, mages, and more, allowing you to form unique teams.

Gladiators have traits that determine their bonuses and additional abilities. You can find great deals in the market or teach and upgrade traits as you form the strategy for your team.

Unleash your creativity by growing your unique team. Level them up, upgrade traits, and equip them with powerful items, all while planning carefully how to build the most efficient team of gladiators that work well together.

Various Battles

Between monthly championships, you should maximize your profit and growth to gain an edge in the next tournament. Enter weekly Ring of Death arenas that offer different challenges. Take advantage of changing weather conditions that affect gladiators to gain the upper hand on your opponents.

Quests and World

A variety of quest offers will come from different factions in need of your deadly gladiator services outside of the arena. Build or destroy reputations with them. Help out the poor, support the district and the kingdom, or aid the progress of magic, depending on the main allegiance you choose. Change the fate of this region and kingdom, or get involved in silly side plots.

Once you’re ready to put your gladiators’ power to the ultimate test, accept challenging quests where your team will fight horrifying boss monsters.


Each time you play, you can choose a different main allegiance, resulting in different main quests and endings while you try different team strategies.

Tournament Mode

Once you finish the main campaign, try yourself in endless tournament mode where gameplay is simplified into rounds. Enemies get stronger and stronger, and you play until you lose. Leave your score on the Steam leaderboard to compare with other players or friends.

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