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100+ Open World Star Systems to Explore, 500+ modules to customize your ship in Underspace Early Access Launch

The spiritual successor to Freelancer with a Lovecraftian, sandbox space RPG twist.

Developer Pastaspace Interactive, a solo dev infamously known as Trainwiz in the Starfield and Skyrim modding community for his Thomas the Tank Engine mods that convert ships and dragons – and publisher Camlann Games are thrilled to announce the Early Access launch of their first title Underspace.

Underspace is inspired by classic games such as Freelancer. It’s an open-world space RPG where every star system is crafted by hand and every sector has something to discover. It’s a truly open-world experience with no fast travel. Players accelerate their journeys by use of station-to-station lanelines, three-tiered engine thrust for local travel and jumpgates for interstellar travel.

The game follows the tragic tale of Kardoz, a disgraced noble stripped of his wealth and power now eking out a living as a starchaser. In a galaxy rife with plundering pirates, crazy cultists, sudden storms, and cosmic monsters that just normally don’t belong in space. Starchasing is a dangerous career where the risks are great but the rewards are even greater.


  • Play Your Way: Choose from a variety of roles to tell your own story. From mercenary to miner, courier to pirate, scrapper to starchaser. Professions and ways to make coin are diverse and numerous.
  • Truly Open World: Traverse 110+ handcrafted star systems, in a seamless, natural space exploration experience.
  • Lovecraftian Cosmic Horrors: Face off against world-eating serpents, possessed battleships, and living minefields. 35+ unique bosses stand in your way to untold riches and glory.
  • Dynamic Dogfighting: Rip through enemy formations and give ‘em hell. Combat is manual and skill-based; speed and aggression are emphasized and rewarded. Dodge and weave through enemy fire while claiming kills of your own. Combat is fast with a huge variety of weaponry and ship mods to both outgun and outsmart your opponents.
  • Your Ship, Your Character, Your Choice: Fly, paint, and customize 60+ different ships. Outfit your build with 500+ pieces of ship equipment. Level up your character the way you want with a deep skill tree. Unleash your own brand of peace or mayhem on the galaxy in true sandbox fashion.
  • Every Star A Story: 40+ different factions to meet, all with their own alliances, goals, cultures, and preferences. Pursue the main quest or discover hidden stories and questionable motives in 45+ unique sidequests.
UNDERSPACE OUT NOW! | Early Access Launch Trailer
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