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20 for 20 – Anniversary Bundle [review in progress]

QubicGames is a leading publisher and developer from Warsaw, Poland, that is known for its commitment to innovation. They have a diverse portfolio of games that is spanning various platforms, from Steam to PlayStation. QubicGames has received worldwide acclaim for its captivating games that resonate with many audiences. They are celebrating their 20th anniversary, and in that favour released a 20 for 20 – Anniversary Bundle via Steam. The bundle includes twenty titles, such as, 2, Mob Control, Golf Guys, Helix Jump, and fifteen more games, which we plan to cover in this article.

The 20 for 20 – Anniversary Bundle offers a vast collection of games across various genres, from casual to action, and more. You can grab the bundle by following this hyperlink.


In you are controlling a black hole on its way to suck in the most objects, people, and animals that are spread throughout a simple world. The more that you will suck in, the bigger the black hole will become. Each new session, that you will begin, will have its own objective, like eat 25 trash cans, or 15 cops, for example. The better you will place in a given session, the more coins you will receive for your success. With the gathered coins, you are able to buy cosmetic new skins for your hole, different powerups, like a magnet that will attract nearby objects, or upgrade speed, so you will be able to move faster. You can also buy new worlds and sticker booster packs, to collect them all. Some items and worlds are locked behind DLC packs, though, that you can buy in the Steam store. Three of them are available, and each of them costs 1,99€, or you can get all three in a pack that will cost you 3,57€. Oh, and I forgot to mention that each session lasts two minutes, but there is also an Endless Hole game mode, in which you are devouring and levelling up your hole without any AI opponents, so you can basically play it and chill for as long as you want to. is a pretty fun little game, that you can enjoy in shorter time intervals. Grow by swallowing everything that is available, from garbage cans to even other players. The controls are easy as well, so basically anyone can play it. 2

PLATFORM: PC 2 is a lot more difficult than the previous game, and in it you need to cover as much of the territory you possibly can, without being killed by an opponent. You are able to play a given territory, like the map of the Netherlands, or you can choose a custom game and select a territory you want to cover. You can play the game with up to four players simultaneously in a local multiplayer mode, or just go through it on your own and play solo. You can also modify your skin with the coins you collect, or upgrade your line with upgrades that will give you more time with the powerups you collect, give you extra lives, or a bigger starting territory.

In 2 you paint the map with your colour and eliminate your opponents to get the highest score possible. The gameplay is not as relaxing as in, as you will have to strategically plan your next move to not get killed by an opponent. Claim the spaces owned by other players, and march out victorious!

…to be continued.

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