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A 2D Side Scroller of Tiny Proportions! Announcement Trailer and Demo Revealed for Indie Platformer Botanica

High school game developers Second Fiddle Studios showcase their upcoming side-scrolling platformer, Botanica, in the game’s free demo.

Second Fiddle Studios is thrilled to announce its first title, Botanica, which will arrive on Steam,, and Newgrounds later this year. The announcement is accompanied by a new trailer and playable demo available on the above platforms.

Tiny But Mighty
In the mystical world of Botanica, even the smallest creatures dream of greatness. This captivating 2D side-scrolling platformer welcomes players into a magical realm where botany and magic intertwine. Explore Botanica’s lush world as a Sproutkin–one of the smallest and weakest creatures of the realm. With only its meager strength, Sproutkin sets off to challenge the most dangerous bosses of the realm. Should it prevail, Sproutkin will face the most dangerous god of all, an entity not even the strongest creatures dare to challenge.

One Small Step for Sproutkin
Embarking on your adventure as a Sproutkin, you must rely on your strategy and skill to explore the world. Players can slide, hop, and drop through levels using Botanica’s simple control scheme, encountering various enemies and puzzles. Defeating enemies grants ability seeds, allowing Sproutkin to absorb different techniques for melee or ranged combat. Drop these seeds at any time in exchange for new abilities throughout your adventure; the further you travel, the more abilities you’ll uncover! With four distinct worlds, Botanica offers a unique host of challenges and enemies. Boss encounters await you at the conclusion of each world, testing your Sproutkin’s ability in melee combat!

A Bite-Sized Experience
Botanica features digital frame-by-frame animation and a charming art style. Whether you’re a seasoned platformer enthusiast or a newcomer to the genre, Botanica offers a unique and rewarding experience. During your adventure, interact with other creatures of the realm who advise you on the challenges that lie ahead. Fans of Hollow Knight and Kirby will be captivated by Botanica’s narrative, engaging gameplay, and the opportunity to test their mettle against fearsome foes.

Gameplay Features:

  • Classic platforming features meet 2D melee combat for a balanced gameplay experience.
  • Optional challenges are available throughout the game, allowing players to set their pace.
  • Gain new abilities as you defeat enemies and gather ability seeds; these seeds may be dropped and exchanged at any time.
  • Four worlds and four world bosses are available; dedicated players may search for Botanica’s secret boss.
  • Quirky and humorous dialogue introduces players to the other creatures of the realm.
  • Boss rush mode and extra challenges are available for an extended experience.
  • Featuring an exciting soundtrack composed by Desolo Zantas.

A demo of Botanica is available now on Steam,, and Newgrounds.

Botanica – Demo Release Trailer
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