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A Void Hope

A Void Hope is an atmospheric narrative adventure which is presented with a retro graphical style. It was developed and self-published by Elden Pixels, that are known for their Alwa’s Awakening and Alwa’s Legacy games. The game was released on the 29th of February 2024 via the digital computer software platform Steam.


A Void Hope is recommended to be played with the use of a controller, and I suggest you doing so, too, if you own one, of course. The game begins on Carpenter Street, where you take control of Gilda for a while, and soon after you play further as her significant other, Keegan. You start at the Family House in the Forest Sanctuary level, which is the first proper level of the game. You wander towards a Research Outpost, where you collect your first item – a gun. Equipped with it, you head to a new level, Park Heights, where you will have four objectives to complete. The levels are filled with entities called Empties, and with your gun you can stun them for a few seconds, so you can get around them, because they otherwise kill you on touch. You are also able to unlock new levels by completing only some of the objectives in the previous level, but if you are into achievement hunting, you will need to finish all objectives in all levels, to unlock the Chaos Theory achievement.

This game is a dystopian narrative adventure with platforming elements, in which you are set out to find a cure for a virus that is… changing people. In the game you will be solving puzzles, finding relevant items, and unravelling a story of an interesting, but troubled couple. Its world is full of darkness, with lights glowing here and there, as they represent little fractions of hope on your way. The combat in the game can be avoided, once you master the platforming parts of A Void Hope. Exploration is of bigger importance than combat, and the levels you encounter are pretty spread out, with possibilities to take various routes through them. Game’s beautiful pixelated art style is very much greatly complemented with a great soundtrack, which was composed by a synthwave artist Waveshaper. A Void Hope’s story was written by a published horror and science-fiction writer Frida Windelhed, but it is my first time of hearing of her. Developers Elden Pixels delivered a quite atmospheric setting with the design of the surroundings, which kind of make you feel uneasy while playing the game. All in all, A Void Hope offers a short experience, that I recommend finishing in one sitting. The puzzles are not too hard to handle, and the platforming parts can get a bit boring from time to time, though.

A Void Hope is a short game, so we must ask ourselves, if it is worth buying at a price tag of fifteen bucks. I would argue that it is, if you are a fan of nice looking (and sounding) adventures, that you can finish on one rainy evening. Just do not expect a deep story that will leave you speechless. I warned ya.


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