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Abtos Covert

“It is only for a few nights,” they said. “Those are just legends and nothing is real,” they said. Team Abtos’ first game, Abtos Covert, is an exploration horror game, which was published by Greek publishers Iphigames. It got released on Steam on the 8th of December 2023, and it is, frankly, very terrifying.


Abtos Covert is a game made with Unity, and it all starts with checking the cameras through the monitor in a remote military outpost at Mount Abtos. After that, you will have some more errands to complete, and lastly go to sleep to complete your basic training, that is basically an introductory tutorial of the game. The next day you will start your shift again and make sure that everything is in order, as you step into the shoes of a soldier that is tasked to guard the outpost. There is not much to see outside, mostly just the forest. The atmosphere is very unsettling, though, with you being all alone at a creepy place. You will not feel safe for even a second while playing the game, and it will keep you on your toes for the whole time, by not knowing what is about to happen when you take the next step. There are many varied threats in the game, many enemies that you will need to bring down to their knees. There are five nights that you will need to survive, and those nights will feel like they will never pass. The game is quite tense and pretty difficult to complete, as you will have to figure out by yourself what to do, or not to do, next and how to avoid the danger that preys on you. You will have to use your wits and find clues that other soldiers left before you, to survive every night, like they have. And not just that, each night will be more frantic than the last.

Game’s graphical presentation is pretty awesome, and so is the setting of it, as you are put in a realistic deep forest to be left on your own. Its gameplay consists of using various equipment, like spotlights, vents, and also lockers to hide yourself in. The sounds that complement the horrifying visuals are sinister, as you will need to carefully listen where danger prowls – I recommend using headphones while playing the game, to completely experience what the developers wanted you to feel. Abtos Covert wants you to feel psychologically frightened and tense, but also to stay sane and plan your survival, which are two things that are not easy to combine. And not just that. You have a limited power supply, so you cannot keep the lights on all the time. You do have a flash-light though, so use it accordingly, because it will be lethal for you when complete darkness falls.

Abtos Covert is a surprisingly good horror game with a simple plot. You will have to strategise your next moves and plan your actions to successfully survive the nights, while being scared shitless most of the time. It offers a short and “nice” experience for all players that want a taste of how it feels like when you are left alone in the middle of the woods.


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