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Acclaimed Malaysian Studio Weyrdworks Launches the Demo for Weyrdlets, the Desktop Companion Tool Where Joy Meets Productivity

The Nostalgia of Virtual Desktop Pets Meets the Accomplishment of a Tackled To-Do List.

Today, Malaysian indie studio Weyrdworks, whose creators are known for popular titles like Velocibox and Super SteamPuff, are proud to announce the demo launch for Weyrdlets: the virtual pet game that harmonizes relaxation with productivity. Weyrdlets will also be participating in Steam Next Fest in June.

With a full release of the game planned later this summer, Weyrdlets boldly asks: what if someone took the delightfully nostalgic charm of old-school virtual desktop pets and blended it with the tools that aid in successfully completing a daunting task list?

Weyrdlets Demo Trailer

The wonderful world of Weyrdlets offers a unique virtual pet experience, seamlessly integrating fun with productivity and relaxation. Dive into a world where you can collect charming items, personalize your pet’s appearance with a variety of accessories, and embrace your inner interior designer curating your pet’s home and furniture.

However, your pet isn’t just there for chill hangs; it assists you with daily activities through features like the integrated Pomodoro Timer and To-Do list. Plus, while your pet idles, it accumulates coins — in-game currency that allows you to purchase even more delightful items within the game!

Key Features of Weyrdlets:

  • Adopt a Virtual Desktop Pet: Experience adopting a unique virtual pet with quirky behaviors. Just like in reality, engage in lifelike interactions – pet, grab, feed, and play with your companion both in-game and on your desktop!
  • Work and Chill Together: Turn work into play with your companion! Bring your pet onto the desktop to watch videos with you, roam around, and beat stress while you study, tackle emails, or doomscroll.
  • Personalize and Customize: Personalize your pet and its environment with accessories and stickers, from Viking hats and shades to charming home decor. Express your style and creativity by decorating both your pet and its home with flair!
  • Pet-Centric Productivity: Increase your productivity with in-game tools on your desktop, including a Pomodoro Timer and a To-Do list, and then wind down with a daily self-reflection logger. Enjoy enhanced focus and efficiency while your companion keeps you company.

The Weyrdlets demo is available now on Windows PC via Steam, with a full release date planned for this summer.

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