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Action-Packed Co-op Roguelike Ultra Mega Cats Pounces Into Early Access This Year

Defeat hordes of enemies across randomly generated biomes in this cat-tastic roguelike third-person shooter.

Fallen Leaf Studio, along with Unseen Silence and Black Drakkar games are thrilled to officially announce Ultra Mega Cats, a story-rich third-person co-op roguelike, which will launch into Early Access on PC via Steam later this year. In addition, the studio is revealing its first character spotlight, delving into Kagero’s story. Take control of the Mega Cats and claw through randomly generated rooms across corporate prisons to free yourself and the three Ancient feline gods.

Ultra Mega Cats – Kagero Story Trailer

With an emphasis on fast-paced action, Ultra Mega Cats features intense, bombastic gameplay, allowing you to play how you want – and flex those catlike reflexes– thanks to the diverse cast of characters. At Early Access launch, the game will include two playable characters – Kagero and BBkat – each with their own unique abilities and playstyles, offering plenty of variety. Kagero is light on their feet and prioritizes ninja-like stealth and deception, while BBkat plays more like a tank, utilizing powerful ranged attacks. More paw-some felines will be added leading up to the full release of Ultra Mega Cats, as well.

But Ultra Mega Cats isn’t only about fast, frenetic gameplay. Unlike many other roguelikes, this adventure focuses on its characters and their stories, with each Mega Cat featuring distinct personalities. In Ultra Mega Cats, it’s up to the player and their band of felines to traverse through the prisons to free the Ancient Cats who are held captive. Only upon doing so will order and cattopia be restored.

But you don’t have to do it alone, as Ultra Mega Cats includes four-player cooperative online play (two-player at Early Access launch), so you can battle rodents, reptiles, and wolves – with your fur-ever friends. Band together, synergize your strengths, and work like a close-knit litter of kittens to take down your foes, getting one step closer to putting cats back on top of the scratching post where they belong.

Ultra Mega Cats focuses on roguelike mechanics, meaning no two runs are the same. The layouts of the rooms, enemy placements, and even the rewards are all randomized, keeping things fresh throughout each run like a new layer of litter. There are various Aspects – which are pickups granted during runs to provide special enhancements – along with 50 M.O.D.S. to unlock for each character, changing how the game is played. You’re encouraged to attempt runs multiple times to see the game’s various rewards, which include buffs to your attacks or extra abilities such as a chance to shock enemies when dealing damage.


  • Five cat-tastic characters: Choose from five different ultra cats (two at Early Access launch) with different playstyles and personalities. Each cat has 50 different M.O.D.S. that can be unlocked, offering more variety.
  • Friends fur-ever: Streamlined, arena-based co-op PvE combat. For two players in Early Access with up to 4 players co-op planned.
  • Paw-crafted combat arenas: Each arena is arranged into ever-changing biomes through level generation. Thanks to different Coalitions (each consisting of different Aspects), no two playthroughs are the same.
  • It’s purrdy: The game’s stunning, vibrant art style packs as much of a punch as your cat hero will, ka-pow!
  • Create a claw-some cat haven: Work together to free the three Ancient Cats from their enslavement and create a new cattopia for felines everywhere.

Sink your claws into Ultra Mega Cats when it launches into Early Access for PC via Steam in 2024. Players drawn to Ultra Mega Cats like it’s catnip can wishlist it on Steam now.

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