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Akumi Wars Launching on Steam February 13

Independent development studio Miltonius Arts will be releasing Akumi Wars, a playfully absurd turn-based RPG, on Steam on February 13, and the demo will be launched in the Steam Next Fest.

Akumi Wars is a whimsical RPG, where Akumi leads a crew on a daring quest for treasure to avoid the drudgery of retail. Join forces with a motley crew of misfit heroes, armed with guns, magic, and eccentric skills, as you navigate through an epic world story.

Customize your team’s abilities in the comfort of your spaceship’s hangar and engage in fast-paced combat against colorful villains. With big bounties at stake and a mix of high and low adventures, Akumi’s quest promises supernatural horrors, quirky creatures, and fleeting friendships.

Led by artist/animator Milton J. Pool and his team, the game expands upon Pool’s original animated series, offering an entertaining experience centered around unlikely alliances and second chances.

Currently, a downloadable demo version of the game is available on Steam.


  • Playfully absurd turn-based RPG.
  • A high-stakes treasure hunt.
  • Build your own party of irresponsible misfit heroes.
  • Armed with guns, magic, and a distracting amount of leg.
  • A unique team by mixing and matching skills.
  • A turn-based combat system.
  • Assemble your crew to combat villains.
  • Villains are almost as bad as the heroes.
  • An adventure with unusual creatures and supernatural horrors.
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