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Akumi Wars Out Now on Steam

Independent development studio Miltonius Arts has announced that Akumi Wars is now available on Steam.

Akumi Wars is a playful and absurd turn-based RPG featuring a high-stakes treasure hunt where players build their own team of eccentric heroes armed with guns, magic, and unique abilities.

Through mixing and matching skills, they engage in fast-paced battles to assemble their crew and confront villains, encountering unusual creatures and supernatural horrors throughout the adventure.

A downloadable demo version of Akumi Wars is currently available on Steam.


  • Playfully absurd turn-based RPG.
  • A high-stakes treasure hunt.
  • Build your own party of irresponsible misfit heroes.
  • Armed with guns, magic, and a distracting amount of leg.
  • A unique team by mixing and matching skills.
  • A turn-based combat system.
  • Assemble your crew to combat villains.
  • Villains are almost as bad as the heroes.
  • An adventure with unusual creatures and supernatural horrors.
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