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Announcing Piranha Feeding – Out in Early Access

Get ready to dive into the heart of the feeding frenzy with Piranha Feeding, an exhilarating action roguelite game that puts you in control of a voracious school of piranhas. Developed by Funcraft Games, Piranha Feeding is out now on Steam Early Access for PC.

In Piranha Feeding, players embark on a quest for the ultimate feeding frenzy, conquering a succession of prey that ranges from smaller aquatic creatures to formidable adversaries. The game combines heart-pounding action with rogue-lite elements, ensuring each gameplay session is unique and challenging.

Key Features:

  • Control the Piranha Leader: Take charge of the fearsome Piranha Leader and guide your hungry school through a variety of aquatic environments using straightforward 4-button controls. Master the art of attacking, defending, and strategically movement to outmaneuver your prey.
  • Unlock New Abilities: With each successful feeding round, unlock new abilities that enhance both your Piranha Leader and the overall prowess of your school.
  • Feeding Frenzy Rounds: Engage in intense feeding rounds where your goal is to conquer the prey, devour its leftovers, and grow stronger. The cycle of conquest and enhancement will keep players on the edge of their seats as they strive for the ultimate feeding frenzy.

Piranha Feeding promises an immersive gaming experience with stunning visuals, dynamic gameplay, and a relentless pursuit of the ultimate feeding frenzy.

Piranha Feeding – Release trailer – Steam PC
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