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Arcane Blast’s Next Fest demo brings elemental chaos to the roguelike genre

Vanquish hordes of enemies and experiment with powerful spells as you and your friends fight side-by-side as cat mages!

Don your wizard cape and wield the precarious power of the elements in the brand-new magical roguelike Arcane Blast, coming to Next Fest June 10 – 17 with an action-packed demo. Take control of Adrian, a once-powerful feline sorcerer who finds himself trapped in a mysterious world, deprived of all his powers. Battle alone or with friends as you search for answers and learn to harness destructive elemental magic.

The world of Arcane Blast is powered by seven core elements: Air, fire, frost, dark, lightning, water, and nature. It’s down to you as a once powerful wizard to manipulate and combine these elements to create high-damage reactions. Whether it’s chain lightning, overload, or thunderstorms – you’ll need to discover the deadliest combos if you’re to destroy the onslaught of monstrous foes and return home.

As the relentless hordes escalate in power, you’ll have to switch on your strategic brain to make split-second decisions. Should I torch that terrifying tree monster or do I freeze my foes to create an opportunity to flee? Every run of Arcane Blast is different and every death is an opportunity to plan and prepare a new build for your next foray into the unknown.

Fans of co-op roguelikes are in luck! Arcane Blast allows you to fight side-by-side with up to three of your friends. Each team member will be able to decide their magical destiny, whether they want to harness the most devastating spells or synergize with their team to ensure maximum elemental carnage. But remember, the larger your team, the more difficult the challenge that awaits you.

Arcane Blast will be participating in Steam Next Fest from June 10 – 17, with the full game launching on PC via Steam later in Q3 2024.

Arcane Blast Announcement Trailer
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