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Artistic Action-Adventure Constance Coming In Late 2025

Help a paintbrush-wielding artist escape a decaying inner-world in stunning 2D hand-drawn adventure.

btf are pleased to announce that their 2D hand-drawn metroidvania, Constance, is coming in late 2025. Featuring a paintbrush-wielding artist striving to escape from a colorful but decaying inner-world, created by her declining mental health, Constance lets you experience a constant state of flow via its paint-based mechanics.

Enter a 2D hand-drawn world on the brink of ruin where you must master the powers of paint! Transform into paint to dive into the ground and walls, slice through the air and enemies, and utilize an array of unique brush techniques. But beware: using your brush techniques will corrupt your paint. Rely on them too much and you’ll become fully corrupted, so learn to strive for balance!

Explore more than six unique biomes in Constance’s inner-world, with each region featuring its unique set of enemies and characters representing different aspects of her psyche and personal history. Uncover countless secrets, multiple paths, characters, side quests and collectibles in this nonlinear interconnected inner-world. Become stronger by unlocking new brush techniques, defeating threatening foes, overcoming platforming challenges, and solving complex puzzles to advance your progress as you uncover Constance’s past! Help her understand her personal struggles, unlock her creativity, and find her inner purpose.

CONSTANCE – Official Release Window Trailer | btf Games
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