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Astrometica: Prologue on Steam!

Astrometica is mashing up the best parts of Subnautica and Planet Crafter and blasting them into space. Strap in and gear up – we’re turning survival gaming into a cosmic odyssey that’s bound to blow your mind!

About Astrometica:

Immerse yourself in the vastness of space, the final frontier, where danger and intrigue lie in wait. Astrometica is an adrenaline-pumping space survival game that plunges you into the harshest environments imaginable, testing your ability to adapt, strategize, and persevere.

With a series of integrated systems – including an innovative battery system, an intuitive vehicle system, a robust crafting mechanism, and an exploratory research system – Astrometica ensures an enriching and immersive gameplay experience that goes beyond just survival.

The unknown will be your playground and your battlefield.

Resource Collection:

In Astrometica, survival hinges on your ability to gather vital resources such as iron, copper, and ice from the vast expanse of space. Iron and copper are invaluable for crafting, and ice, when refined, becomes life-sustaining water. Beyond these, other materials lie hidden in asteroids and distant stars, waiting to be discovered. The art of strategic resource collection will test your adaptability and resourcefulness in this challenging environment.

Crafting and Tools:

Crafting lies at the heart of survival in Astrometica. Using collected resources like iron and copper, you’ll be tasked with creating a range of tools and items critical to your existence and progression. From simple hand tools to advanced machinery, your crafting skill will directly impact your capacity to endure and thrive. The better your tools, the better your chances of survival.

Base Building:

In Astrometica, you’ll need to establish your own space base, equipped with habitats, airlocks, observation centers, and essential machinery. This will be your sanctuary and command center, offering safety and strategic advantage in the infinite expanse of space. Your base’s design and advancement will largely depend on your resource management and crafting abilities. Navigating these complexities to construct a thriving base showcases your strategic skills in this rigorous survival adventure.

Signal Following:

In the cold void of the cosmos, signals are your compass. Decrypt them, follow them, and unveil secrets and rewards that may aid in your survival. But be cautious, as not every signal may lead to safety.

Space ships:

Speed across galaxies with an array of space vehicles. Be it a swift scout ship or a sturdy mining vessel, mastering space navigation and vehicle management will be critical to your survival and exploration.

Unraveling Mysteries:

The mystery of a station’s destruction lies at the heart of your journey. With every clue you uncover, you’ll get one step closer to understanding what happened – and what your place is within this grand cosmic puzzle.

Astrometica: Prologue Announcement!
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