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Available Today, Kashkool Games’ Sheba: A New Dawn Weaves Classic Metroidvania Play With Tactical Combat, Ancient Kingdoms & Jinn Mysticism

UAE-Based Indie Studio Kashkool Creates Games to Share the Rich Stories and Heritage of the Middle East, Hoping to Bridge Cultures and Foster Understanding.

Indie game development studio Kashkool Games announced that its inaugural game, Sheba: A New Dawn, will launch later today. The game is one of the first indie titles to come out of Abu Dhabi that has garnered international attention and a strong following on the Steam platform, serving as another example of the potential and exponential growth of the emerging MENA games market.

Sheba: A New Dawn is a Metroidvania Action-RPG that follows Enar, a humble shepherd, who encounters Mirah, an escaped Jinn prisoner who upends his world and triggers a chain of events. Together they must traverse interconnected realms while facing legendary monsters and unraveling ancient mysteries to set things right and uncover his true fate.

Key game features:

  • Classic Metroidvania gameplay with heavily populated levels that encourage exploration and keep the player in motion.
  • Combo-based combat: 45+ combo skills and elemental finishers that make each encounter feel like an action fight.
  • Semi-tactical combat with customizable fighting styles with RPG attributes and level-ups.
  • 67+ unique Jinn, monsters, and bosses with their own strategic fighting styles, and collectible rewards.
  • A variety of puzzles to solve, and power-ups and abilities to collect.
  • An authentic Arabic setting & story and voice.

Sheba: A New Dawn will be available starting at 9 PM ET/6 PM PT today or 5 AM GST Tuesday, April 9th for PC on Steam for $18.99 USD with additional platforms to follow.

Sheba: A New Dawn – Launch Trailer
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