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Baby Blues Nightmares is a new horror game where you play as a toddler

The new horror game which you play as a little toddler on a Tricycle which you can customize.

Baby Blues Nightmare is a survival horror stealth game where you play as a toddler and have to do what it takes in order to survive your horror-ish nightmares of what’s real and not. Fix, maintain and customize your Tricycle to roam around your little world with. Run, hide and survive but remember; try not to cry when you are scared.. or the monsters will hear you and get you.

Explore your little world with your very own Tricycle which you can use as a vehicle, where you can store your favorite toys, customize your wheels, paint and find collectables to place on your Tricycle. This will be your means of transport.

Embark on a spine-chilling journey into the unsettling realms of a child’s nightmares as a brave toddler where you must navigate through the eerie corridors and dimly lit playrooms to recover your five beloved toys, all while trying to unravel the mysteries that shroud the facility. Immerse yourself in the innocence of childhood, where every shadow hides a potential nightmare. The world seen through the eyes of a toddler adds a unique layer of vulnerability, intensifying the fear factor.

Baby Blues Nightmares – Official Game Trailer Announcement 2024 (4K)
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