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Battle The Devils You Know in The Devil Within: Satgat Launches Today on PC

Fight an army of demonic forces in this bleak Samurai-inspired 2.5D action platformer.

Newcore Games is pleased to announce that The Devil Within: Satgat has launched on PC. The game features 2.5D action platforming in a neo-futuristic world overrun by a demon army. Players will navigate the devilish world of The Devil Within: Satgat, which blends ancient and modern elements to create a captivating and puzzling environment just as compelling as the mystery within. You can purchase The Devil Within: Satgat on Steam here.

Early Access Launch! | The Devil Within: Satgat

In The Devil Within: Satgat, you play as Kim Rip, a member of the Royal Guard that fights the hordes of hell at the command of the Emperor. When the enigmatic Ebon Sting, a source of demonic power in the world, erupts and begins corrupting the land, Kim Rip is tasked with uncovering the secrets of the strange tower. To beat the devil, Kim Rip will have to become devilish himself, harnessing the power of his fallen foes – at the risk of his own humanity!

In addition to the nefarious powers that Kim Rip will earn for each Arch Demon he defeats, he’ll have an arsenal of Samurai tools he can use to beat back the demon hordes. As Kim Rip continues growing his powers, players will have an array of offensive, defensive, and movement abilities to master and upgrade.


  • Progressing Abilities you’ll earn by fighting and exploring. Every location has opportunities to learn new skills that will aid in uncovering the secrets of the Ebon Sting.
  • Intense Platforming that pushes your problem-solving abilities and adds a new complication to fights.
  • A Vast World inspired by traditional images and neo-futurist aesthetics. Explore desolate cities, rugged peaks, dense forests, military complexes, and more.
  • Perilous Secrets that all come together to solve an enigmatic riddle about the world at large. What caused the Ebon Sting, and how can one man defeat it? Explore and fight to find out.

Battle your inner – and outer – demons and save a dying world in The Devil Within: Satgat here on Steam for $19.99 USD, with a 10% Launch discount for the first week.

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