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Be the drama in chaotic co-op TTRPG-inspired Worlds of Aria, launching September 24 on PC!

Lead your adventurer party on a comedic and legendary quest, narrated by the incomparable Laura Bailey!

French studio Ludogram and publisher Ishtar Games are delighted to announce that Worlds of Aria, the cheeky co-op adventure inspired by TTRPGs will be released on 24 September on Steam, with a Nintendo Switch launch planned later in 2024. Pray that the dice roll in your favour and check out the new trailer below:

Worlds of Aria – Release Date Trailer

Lead your own adventure or party up with others as you try to save the kingdom from a duplicitous Duke. Choose your own path – will you fight the enemy or scheme against your friends? There are so many decisions to make and dungeons to delve into in this cheeky, chaotic quest full of twists and (maybe) lucky dice rolls. We’ll also serenade your eardrums with narration by Laura Bailey from Critical Role and The Last Of Us Part II!

Key features:

  • Play solo or co-op.
  • Choose your own adventure.
  • Roleplay as one of twelve different characters.
  • Save the kingdom…
  • Narrated by the legendary Laura Bailey!
  • …Or get distracted.
  • Let the dice decide your fate.
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