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Become The God In The Machine In Engineered to Purpose, Launching March 12

Determine the fate of all of existence in Engineered to Purpose, the flagship title of Indy studio Confidence Roll Games. Engineered to Purpose is a retro-futuristic tower defense game that balances strategic play with a rich narrative. The game launches on PC in Early Access on March 12, and players can wishlist the game on Steam here.

Engineered To Purpose – Announcement Trailer

In Engineered to Purpose, players take on the role of The Child, a normal human adolescent created by a family of hyper-intelligent metahumans with nearly infinite technological power. Their people have completed every goal a civilization can achieve, and so the Family aims to reset the universe by imbuing The Child with the power of a God. Touching on themes of the cycle of abuse and transhumanism, Engineered to Purpose brings a deeply meaningful twist to the tower defense genre.

In addition to its deep narrative, Engineered to Purpose brings a unique layer of strategy to the genre through completely customizable towers. Players can fully engineer their towers with over 100 unique components to craft exactly the tool they need to survive. The customization extends to a multi-layered targeting system, where each attack of a tower can be given specific instructions. The game also brings a new level of accessibility to the tower defense genre by allowing players to pause the game at any time, giving extra time to strategize and plan your defense at your own pace.

A full list of features include:

  • Tower Design: Engineer your towers to suit your playstyle and tactical needs, with over 100 unique components allowing you to build towers with specialized attacks and abilities, from increased range to turn the tower into a tool for orbital bombardment.
  • The Design Lab: A safe place to design your towers and test their effects against simulated targets – with no risk of a game over!
  • Advanced Targeting Control: Towers can be precisely targeted, down to prioritizing individual unit types and states.
  • Retro Art Style: Engineered to Purpose has a low-poly aesthetic with a 90’s era feel and a unique art style with spectacular visual flair.
  • Post-game: Once you’ve completed the campaign there’s still plenty of content to explore. Levels can be replayed with various modifiers to customize your replay for extra challenge and fun!
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