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Berko Games announces Jitter, a sci-fi exploration game with destructible environment, reveal trailer now available

Independent developer Berko Games officially unveils Jitter, an immersive sci-fi exploration and survival game that blends the best of titles like FTL, Heat Signature, and Noita.

To celebrate the announcement, Berko Games is releasing a brand new reveal trailer that highlights Jitter’s innovative gameplay mechanics and its striking 1-bit monochrome visual design.

Jitter is a sci-fi exploration & survival game where you take on the role of a spaceship’s AI. Explore, fight, and survive across a mining colony in the Main Asteroid Belt. Rebuild your ship. Rescue your crew. Reveal the truth behind your mission.

Jitter – Indie Game Alpha Trailer

Jitter sets itself apart with a highly destructible world that empowers players to exploit its systems. As you explore the mining colony, you will take on new missions, expand ships and bases using various modules, add survivors to your crew, engage in space fights, and repair the damage left by enemy fire and onboard accidents.

Jitter is designed as a linear game that tells an engaging sci-fi story but gives players the freedom to tackle each mission in any way they want. Need to eliminate an outpost? You can barrage it with cannon fire, infiltrate to take it over from the inside, or wipe out a nearby asteroid to watch the debris break its hull and deplete the oxygen within.

A mysterious accident devastates a mining colony in the Main Asteroid Belt. Your programming tells you to find and rescue the survivors. It’s up to you how to do it… or how to fail.

Players eager to dive into the world of Jitter can now wishlist Jitter on Steam.

The release of the game is planned for 2025.

Key Features

  • Emergent Gameplay. Asteroids, ships and outposts are susceptible to realistic damage and destruction, opening up strategic opportunities. Vaporize an asteroid blocking access to an enemy outpost, and the debris will damage its hulls. Or you.
  • Customizable Ships. Modify your spacecraft to fit your playstyle. Want more firepower? Attach a cannon module. Need to make a quick getaway? Jettison the modules that slow you down – crew members and all.
  • Deep Systems Simulation. Geek out with complex simulation systems on your ship. Generate and distribute oxygen, calibrate and reroute power, and dismantle modules for scrap to achieve the best performance of your ship.
  • Space Battles and Infiltrations. Seamlessly switch between strategic ship-on-ship battles and tactical action on deck. Exchange cannon fire in zero gravity – or board an enemy vessel to take it down from the inside.
  • Crew Management. Each key character brings a unique backstory, personality, and gameplay abilities, significantly affecting the way you play. Just remember to take care of them – losing a main character means game over.
  • Mysterious Sci-Fi World. Navigate a bustling mining colony on a colossal asteroid. Delve into mines, traverse cave systems, investigate outposts and nearby space bodies. Be prepared to face pirates – or discover unknown life forms.
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