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Bio Inc. Redemption

Will you be the plague or preserve humanity? Bio Inc. Redemption is a realistic strategy game in which you will make life or death decisions. It was already available on Steam from March 2018, but it was just recently released for the PlayStation 5 console on the 27th of February 2024. It was developed by DryGin Studios and published by Klabater.


There are two directions to go in Bio Inc. Redemption – you can Choose Life and heroically save your patient before it is too late, or Choose Death and explore your dark side by wrathfully terminating victims. Besides these two mode there is also a Sandbox mode available, where you can create custom Life or Death scenarios. We will first going to check out the Choose Life mode to see what the gameplay is all about. Before starting a new Life campaign, you can head into the Life tutorial and learn the basics on how to save your patients. I always recommend playing through tutorials, and it is not any different this time. It is a short tutorial that will teach you the basic mechanics. Your victim will spawn blood cells and proteins, and harvesting them will enable you to earn and spend Bio Points to diagnose and treat diseases. Once you accumulate enough Bio Points, you are able to head to the Bio Map where you can diagnose and treat diseases, improve patient Lifestyles and more. You can navigate through three categories, which are Diagnosis, Lifestyles, and Intensive Care. In each of the categories you can evolve multiple items on your way to finding cures. Also available will be patient’s symptoms, and tapping on a symptom will highlight potential diseases. You will then run diagnostic tests that will help you identify the disease, and once you will diagnose it, it will be time to treat it accordingly. Once the overall Recovery reaches 100%, your patient will be completely cured. After completing the tutorial, you will be able to choose a department, but you will have to start in Med School. After acquiring enough stars, you will also unlock the Clinic, Hospital, and Intensive Care Unit, which require 7, 16 and 28 stars, respectively. Before taking over a case, you can also select a difficulty between four of them, that are Mild, Moderate, Severe, and Lethal. I played them on Moderate difficulty, which is also selected by default. It turns out that being a doctor can be pretty hectic, so let’s Choose Death now, and test the gameplay of that mode.

Is being the Grim Reaper an easier task than being a Medical Doctor? We will again start with the tutorial and learn the basics on how to terminate our victims, muahahaha! The more systems you terminate, the faster the overall health of your victim will decline, so let’s do this! This time around, you will be harvesting viruses and bacteria, that will again enable you to earn and spend Bio Points, but this time to upgrade the diseases. On the Bio Map is where you will evolve Disease, Risk Factor and items to slow down Recovery. Once your victim’s symptoms will start worsening, they are going to visit the doctor, which will try to treat the diseases that you inflict upon your victim. When diseases are treated, the total Recovery progress increases. If that number reaches 100% before you terminate your victim or complete the stage objective, you will lose. After successfully completing the tutorial, you will again need to choose a department, and you will begin at the Morgue – after unlocking enough skulls, you will unlock the Graveyard, Slaughterhouse, and Terminal Victims. I have to say that it is a bit easier to be a serial killer than an MD, at least in Bio Inc. Redemption, but I do not wish to be neither in real life. As far as the last mode, Sandbox mode goes, you can choose, if it is going to be the Life or Death mode, set objective, the number of resources you start with, the health of the systems, and predefined or locked conditions. You can make your own scenarios here, if you think that the predetermined are boring, but in that case you are wrong. I am reviewing the PlayStation 5 version of the game, and I have to say that the controls are very intuitive, and it is easy to play the game with the DualSense controller. The gameplay is very fun, playing Choose Life or Choose Death modes alike.

Bio Inc. Redemption is a tremendously fun game to play, whichever route you will prefer taking. I recommend playing both modes to see the differences between them, but you can also just focus on one – I allow you. I urge you to play the game, if you are into great strategy games and Doctor/Reaper simulators.


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