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Blade Prince Academy is now available on Steam

The Academy opens its gates today.

Firesquid and Angel Corp are thrilled to announce that Blade Prince Academy is now available on PC via Steam for $19.99/£16.75/19.99€. To celebrate the launch, the game is selling at a 20% time-limited discount. This tactical RPG was successfully funded via Kickstarter in June 2023 and casts players as Blade Princes, defenders of the city of Abjectalia against gangs, cults, and many other threats. The game blends real-time, team-based action with strategic pauses set within an anime-inspired vibrant world.

Blade Prince Academy – Release Trailer

The combat system mixes real-time with pause, letting players plan their attacks, think strategically to outsmart their enemies. The game’s rich narrative unfolds through a diverse cast of heroes, each bringing unique powers and backstories.

Blade Prince Academy puts players in the role of a cast of unique student characters tasked with maintaining their grades, building friendship and saving the world. The Academy serves as a central hub for them to enhance skills, recover, and develop relationships that influence the cohesion and effectiveness of their team. The game’s combo system and character development options, including pacts and talent trees, add strategic layers to gameplay.

The game is localized in English, French, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish and Simplified Chinese, and a Deluxe Edition is available including a digital art book and the Original Sound Track for 35.99€/$35.99/£30.50 with an additional 10% discount.

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