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Blast your way out in a fast-paced adventure!

French game studio Sine Coda and publisher TyGAMES are excited to release their puzzle-racing game inspired by 90’s arcade games, PathBlasters on Steam and Gog.

PathBlasters – Release Trailer

Inspired by 90s arcade games, PathBlasters is a blend of puzzles and intense chases set in a colorful universe. Players must blast their way out and escape from the guardian of an artifact they have just stolen: the magic bomb.

About PathBlasters

Move crates, explode TNT, create your path as fast as possible to escape the Guardian. Run through 5 environments with their unique gameplay mechanics. Slide on ice in the mountains, avoid burning floors in the volcano, use chain reactions of blobs in the swamps, and more to discover.

Combine speed and intelligence to find the fastest path. Escaping the guardian won’t be an easy task!

Various modes available. Adventure, time attack, score attack, infinite and a versus mode: face your friends in local or online. Will you be the fastest?


  • Adventure mode with 60 levels
    A complete world map of 8 worlds, with numerous levels to unlock by collecting keys.
  • Time Attack mode
    Collect 3 medals in less than a minute in never-before-seen levels.
  • Score Attack mode
    Beat the developers’ scores.
  • Infinite Mode
    Play in a mode where difficulty constantly increases, like the great classic puzzle games.
  • Versus mode: local & online!
    Play against a friend local or online. You will have to go faster than your opponent and stay one step ahead by making the best decisions. Various powers are available to make life more difficult and ensure victory.
  • 5 environments
    Explore various biomes with their unique gameplay mechanics.
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