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Bounties of Babylon

Bounties of Babylon is a board game-ish turn-based strategy game by Cartographic Interactive, which was released on Steam on the 25th of March 2024. In it, you will be expanding the map by placing various tiles and gain different bounties, that you will be able to trade. But beware! Among everything, you will need to avoid being raided by enemy ships, and that will not be the simplest of tasks.


In Bounties of Babylon you will be, you guessed it, conquering Babylon through different rounds with your ships, until you complete your run. If you will not earn enough victory points via trading your goods, or if you will receive too much damage, it will mean game over for you. You will be expanding the map by creating tiles on it, that will depend on where you want to travel, and also which bounties you want to harvest. You will be travelling by rolling die for each of your ships – that way you will determine how many tiles a ship can travel, and by rolling a six, it will allow you to teleport to a settlement, where you will be able to trade your bounties. It will be important for you to divide tasks to different ships, so some will do the bounty-harvesting, and the others will trade and attack the enemies. As far as trading goes, the trade requirements will rotate between rounds. By harvesting a treasure chest, you will mostly receive an artefact which cannot be traded. Gameplay-wise, you will be give two quests each round, and completing them will grant you victory points – the quest types will vary in their requirements, so it will not become boring too quickly. The combat differs whether you land on an enemy ship, or if they attack you. Each enemy you will defeat will grant you some of their bounties and a victory point, but if they will be the ones attacking, you will lose a life and some of your bounties.

The game was made with Unity, and in it you can change the settings of your resolution, turn on/off antialiasing and v-sync, set the volume levels (master, music, and sound effects), and also choose the gameplay language between plenty of ol’ world tongues. You can play Bounties of Babylon by using a controller, or a keyboard/mouse combo, and I prefer and recommend the latter. Before you start with a new run and start playing the game, hop into the How To Play segment, and learn the basics of how to actually play it. It will teach you about tiles, bounties, harvesting, quests and combat. Oh, and also about rolling the die, which is somewhat important, I guess? Once you will be ready to start a new run, you will be able to choose between three difficulties, which are easy, medium, and hard – I recommend starting on easy, and climb up the more difficult difficulties as you will play and gain experience. The gameplay is fun and pretty rewarding, up until you run into a non-responding enemy, and you are forced to restart the game. Thankfully, it does not happen very often, but it did happen on my first run, so it is completely necessary to mention it.

Bounties of Babylon is actually pretty easy to get into, as you will learn the rules and its gameplay mechanics rather quickly. It is fun to play in shorter sessions, like one run at a time, otherwise you will probably get bored of it very fast.


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