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Cauldron Cooks up a Cozy Demo for Steam Next Fest

Solve the mysteries of a darkness-covered world through minigames, turn-based battles and exploration!

Solo Developer PeterRegg is happy to announce that Cauldron, his charming pixelated auto-battler filled with minigames and upgrades, now has a playable demo on Steam.

The game will participate in the upcoming Steam Next Fest celebration from June 10th – June 17th, but the demo can already be enjoyed by everyone who feels like it today!

The magical demo is filled to the brim with content. Download it today and experience first-hand why early players have been spellbound by its enchanting world and endless possibilities.

Cauldron Announcement Trailer

About the game

Cauldron mixes a handful of ingredients into the game, similar to how a witch would concoct the perfect potion. Start with a base of pixelated exploration, add in a pinch of minigames, a sprinkle of excitement delivered by turn-based RPG battles, and as the brew simmers, watch darkness give way to dazzling discoveries.

Whether you’re a seasoned RPG grinder or a laid-back player who would prefer to let the game auto-collect items while you’re gone, your preferences will be catered to. Gather resources to upgrade minigames, heroes, abilities, and more… If your favorite plant is an upgrade tree, then this game is for you!

Key features

  • Five different minigames – Gather resources through fishing, mining, apple-picking, a Breakout-like (ice)cubebuster and even a survivors-like game. Each with its own exponential progression!
  • Unique skill trees – Everything you can imagine can be upgraded through skill trees, from the cast of 17 heroes and their abilities to the minigames you play to power them up.
  • Unlockable Autobattler – why do all the hard work if you can let the battling be done for you? Come back to your computer or Steam Deck and reap the rewards without any of the effort.
  • Whimsical Characters – Meet funny party members, talk to birds or chat with a snarky pink sidekick who never leaves your side.
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