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Challenge Angels and Demons in Souls-Rogue-Like Deck of Souls on June 20. Watch the Trailer!

HeroCraft PC is excited to announce the Early Access release date for its hardcore deck-building souls-rogue-like Deck of Souls. Players will fight, roll, spend souls, construct crazy decks, face deadly bosses, and perish over and over again before they succeed. The game will be available on Steam starting June 20. The release date was presented at the IGN Live 2024 PreShow.

Deck of Souls – Official Gameplay Trailer | IGN Live 2024

The Early Access release version of Deck of Souls offers many hardcore challenges. Are you ready to overcome them?

  • 3 hardcore boss fights, 55 unique struggles, and 83 nodes that will lead you to treasures or demise.
  • 3 distinctive heroes to slay all the adversaries with a power of dozens of class cards and synergies, passive abilities, special items, and relics.
  • 3 chapters with huge replayability and a deep dark-soul-ish narrative.

The game is crafted by Bigboot Studios led by Dante Andriano, a disabled solo developer from Argentina. According to him, his games are made without those cumbersome appendages known as hands due to a birth defect. Nevertheless, he beats Dark Souls projects and makes award-winning games, such as Halftime Heroes which won the People’s Choice Award from Argentina’s Video Game Expo, EVA.

Deck of Souls is proudly published by HeroCraft PC.

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