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Challenge Snow White Privileges in Union of Gnomes. Watch the Release Date Trailer!

HeroCraft PC is hyped to announce the Early Access release date for Union of Gnomes. It is a colossally challenging deck-building roguelike with fairy-tallish visuals and social commentary on human rights and inequality. The Gnomes will start their path to revolution against Snow White on July 18 on Steam.

The game production started two and half years ago and is led by Katherine who also created all the art (including over 100 cards, backgrounds, and over 40 quirky characters). Union of Gnomes was first time shown to gamers on August 31, 2023, and there couldn’t be a better event for that than Dames 4 Games.

Union of Gnomes — Early Access Release Date Trailer

Stand tall with the gnomes against the most despotic of them all and her perilous collaborators such as Red Riding Hood. It may be a Far Far Away conflict, yet it covers modern-day themes such as oppression and struggle against ruling elites.

  • Assemble your revolutionary gnomes posse from 2 heroes and 97 recruits (aka cards), abolish 8 regime benefactors (aka bosses), and help your comrades and other folks (aka 29 quests).
  • Embark on a revolution quest in the story mode or challenge the unforgiving grim terror in the Neverending Nightmare roguelike mode.
  • A mysterious second layer of the story that will reveal the truth behind the Snow White tyranny and grants you a bunch of ‘what a twist’ moments in the vein of ‘Yeti Has No Damns’.
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