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Channel Your Inner Detective in Immersive Mystery Adventure Uncover the Smoking Gun

Step into the shoes of a detective in the thrilling new game, Uncover the Smoking Gun, now available on Steam. Arriving at a crime scene, you’ll find victims dead and robots among the suspects. It’s up to you to uncover the truth. Explore your surroundings, gather clues, and solve the mystery in this immersive adventure.

Uncover the Smoking Gun_Launch Trailer

Launch into the investigation as Uncover the Smoking Gun features a rich hand crafted narrative as you examine the scene of the crime, gather clues and formulate your own questions as you interrogate possible suspects. Uncover the Smoking Gun features an innovative procedurally generated dialogue system that utilizes speech styles unique to each suspect that you will encounter while on the case. The possibilities as you approach your interrogations are endless so it’s up to you to lead this investigation.

Explore the scene of the crime to discover clues and items of interest. Piece together your findings using your Investigation Board. At the end of each case you will submit your conclusion to receive a grade based on your sleuthing prowess and accuracy. Replay cases to reveal new aspects of the mystery and to try and improve your score.

Sharpen your pencil and pour a cup of coffee as Uncover the Smoking Gun is available now on Steam!

Key Features:

  • Interrogate the Suspects: Ask the robot suspects about the case. What are their alibis? How are they related to the case? Discern truth and lies from their statements.
  • Collect Evidence: There are many pieces of evidence and traces at the crime scene. Search the crime scene in detail to find hidden evidence. Use your keen observation and analysis skills to review the evidence.
  • Uncover the Smoking Gun: Link the multitude of evidence and witness statements to deduce the case. Your deducing skills can discover the hidden truths among the scattered pieces of evidence and testimonies.
  • Endlessly Replayable: Hone your skills as you replay cases to gain new perspective and improve your grade. Ask suspects new questions and try a different approach. Curiosity will be rewarded for detectives willing to get to the bottom of the mystery.
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