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Chill Vibes Simulator Simpler Times is OUT NOW on PC

Stoneskip and iam8bit Presents revealed the surprise launch during today’s Day of the Devs 2024: Summer Game Fest Edition broadcast.

In a day filled with surprises, indie studio Stoneskip and publisher iam8bit Presents had a big one: The eagerly awaited chill vibes simulator Simpler Times shadow dropped during Day of the Devs… and is NOW AVAILABLE on Steam. And for the next two weeks, it’s priced at $8.99 – 10% off its regular $9.99.

Simpler Times – Summer Game Fest 2024 – Launch Trailer

Simpler Times takes players on an emotional journey as they guide Taina through the process of packing her childhood treasures for college while reflecting on pivotal moments in her young life. Music is a gateway for those memories, and playing old records whisks her back in time to see how her room – and herself – have grown and changed over the years.

Musician George Pandrea’s subtle lo-fi score plays a key role throughout Simpler Times, and it’s only fitting that iam8bit is sharing it with the world through an upcoming vinyl soundtrack. You can listen to the album’s single, “Studies,” which was just released on streaming platforms. The Simpler Times soundtrack will be available digitally and on vinyl on June 20.

iam8bit Presents is also releasing a special bundle, which includes Simpler Times and Coin Crew’s 2022’s escape-room hit, Escape Academy. Both games are available for 10% off, and players who have already purchased Escape Academy can buy Simpler Times at a discount.

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