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Circus of TimTim, A New Mascot Horror Where You Are Chased By Big Puppets Just Released on Steam!

The new horror mascot game from Mascot Bro Studio, Circus of TimTim has just been released today!

Mascot Bro Studio, a publishing studio have now officially announced their own game called Circus of TimTim, a horror survival game where it takes place inside a circus and you are chased by huge creepy puppet freaks and it’s not released on Steam!

Circus of TimTim is a Stealth Horror Survival Game about two siblings trying to sneak inside the most hunted carnival of all time to recover lost items with a metal detector device, however enemies are roaming around and they can hear your every step! TimTim is not happy..

This is a first person stealth adventure horror game that takes place inside a run-down circus. Play as a sibling tasked to find her brother’s missing items after an incident that occurred there, but beware as strange things are happening. Roam around, stealth, hide, run and survive to to uncover the secrets of what happened at the Circus of TimTim – a once fun place turned deadly.

Explore the circus and the mysteries that lies ahead. You can freely roam around the carnival to finish your tasks, but beware as something will not allow you to stay there. You have to hide and use stealth in order to evade the enemies.

Solve puzzles and try to stay alive in what once was once seen as an amusing attraction. The player is tasked with solving puzzles in order to get to their right destination with dangers lurking at every corner. Every step you will take can be a deadly, so make your choice wisely.. and don’t lose your sanity.

You will be equipped with a metal detector to find items lost inside the circus, however while the metal detector can aid you and help you find items quickly, the beeping sound that it will make will attract enemies to your location – so choose wisely!

Circus of TimTim – Official Trailer 2023 (NEW Puppet Mascot Horror Game)
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