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City Transport Simulator: Tram Enters into Early Access on Steam Today

Tram enthusiasts and simulation fans alike have something new to sink their teeth into as City Transport Simulator: Tram has now arrived on Early Access on Steam.

Players will step into the role of a tram driver as they drive one of three true-to-life real-world trams, each featuring unique cabs, interiors, modes, and functions. After getting to know their favourite tram, they then start their route, picking up and dropping off passengers while keeping to the timetable.

City Transport Simulator: Tram has been in development courtesy of ViewApp and published by Dovetail Games.

The game takes place in the imagined city of Tramau, with architectural features and layout inspired by real southern German cities. There is a rich and storied history behind Tramau that dates back to the 12th century, and players will be able to find impressive sites and points of interest that reflect this history, such as Tramau’s Main Train Station, the Saint Bernard’s Cathedral, and the University of Constance.

City Transport Simulator: Tram comes with two exciting game modes; career and sandbox mode.

In career mode, the player attempts to improve the fortunes of the city’s beleaguered tram network. The player starts with one tram and limited resources and tries to build a city-spanning tram network. Through earning XP and advancing in the game, players will add more trams to their fleet, customise, edit, and expand their timetables, and link 39 stations together using over 100 possible tramlines.

Sandbox mode is a cathartic and relaxing way to enjoy City Transport Simulator: Tram. Players take their favourite tram for a spin around Tramau, taking in the sights, transport their passengers, and create tramlines however they see fit.

Picking up City Transport Simulator: Tram while in Early Access means players will get it at a reduced price (£24.99/29.99€/$29.99) than if they waited for full release. In addition, early adopters will get access to brand new in-development trams (ULF A1 and a Modern Viennese Tram) the moment they are finished.

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