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Clash II

Prime Bit Games’ Clash II was first released as an Early Access title on the 28th of October 2022, and has since lived to its full release that took place a few days ago, on the 15th of February 2024. It is a turn-based strategy game, similar to the Heroes of Might & Magic series.


Clash II has a campaign and skirmish mode to offer, and I will focus on the campaign, which you are able to play as Heathens or Purians. Game’s gameplay reminds me very much of Heroes of Might & Magic’s, which is a great thing, because I love those games ever since I was a child. The last couple of Heroes games were not that brilliant, though, so I am glad Clash II brings its fresh take on turn-based strategy games. But if you are not familiar with these types of games, I will try to explain them as fast as I can. You own a stronghold, which you can upgrade every turn with the resources you own, and in it, you can also train your army, which you will take on battles while exploring the world. You are also able to upgrade your hero(es), that is the one that commands their army. As mentioned, you can lead two sides in Clash II’s conflict, so I recommend finishing the game with both sides that are available. Clash II’s plot is set in a dark world in which battles have been fought for years between invaders, the Pure Ones, and long-time inhabitants, the Old Ones. The story takes place decades after the events of the first game that I, sadly, have not yet played.

Game’s gameplay is made out of leading your army in classic turn-based battles. You will fight against enemy armies, as well as the monsters that are inhabiting the continent. You are able to strategically set the positions of your warriors before each battle begins. The managing of your army is very important as well, as the more turns you will have, the easier it will be for you to defeat your enemies. While defending your fortress plays a crucial role, you can also take over the enemy’s strongholds. As far as building and managing your castle goes, it plays a big role for your economy. You will build and upgrade various buildings, and some of them will allow you to recruit new units. You will also develop new technologies and unlock hero skills, which they can use on the battlefield. Clash II’s atmosphere that is set with appropriate background music is enjoyable, and so are the stylized graphics that it has to offer.

If you want to take a break from Heroes, I recommend you trying Clash II. It is not as brilliant as the first few Heroes of Might & Magic titles, but it still offers you a few hours of above average turn-based strategising. If you are not completely sure, wait for a discount.


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