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‘CONFINED: Leaving OKB-134’ On PC & VR Challenges You To Explore A Mysterious Abandoned Soviet Bunker

Something Lurks In The Shadows Of Upcoming PC Horror-Adventure!

Indie game developer Gabriel Mittermair publishing as FIEND GAMES is proud to unveil details and an exclusive preview trailer of his upcoming PC & VR horror-game taking place in an abandoned Soviet bunker. Scheduled for an official release early next year, a playable Steam demo penned for release in July is in the works featuring 30 minutes of gameplay giving a taste of the horrors you will face in the full game.

CONFINED: Leaving OKB-134 | Announcement Trailer | PC and VR | Extended Version 2

CONFINED: Leaving OKB-134 takes inspiration from games such as Half-Life: Alyx (Valve) and Amnesia (Frictional Games) and is designed from the ground up to offer horror escape riddles not only on your PC, but also in VR. Full of mystery and suspense, your objective is to find ways of escape by solving a series of puzzles and riddles. Tasks like repairing broken cables and switching out blown fuses to reactivate power and lights must be accomplished before you can take on the complex machinery. On your exploration you will learn about long-gone personnel and solve assigned tasks. But something lurks in the shadows of the abandoned bunker, and you will soon discover that you are not alone…

CONFINED: Leaving OKB-134 allows you to instantaneously switch between PC-mode and PC-VR mode. Feel the anxiety and your heartbeat as you face the fear of the darkness while examining residues left behind of an unknown past and learn about a cruel secret hidden beneath the surface. Played in first-person perspective, you will encounter a wide variety of physics-based interactions creating a vivid gameplay experience. Every room of the underground facility you explore tells a story and may be important on your journey. Find relevant clues, solve riddles, and uncover what happened. Skulk through many different meaningful sectors of an authentic bunker from soviet times.


  • Immersive Gameplay!
  • Intense horror-adventure.
  • Switch Instantaneously between PC & PC-VR.
  • Authentic & Atmospheric Soviet Bunker.
  • Puzzles, Tasks & Riddles To Solve And Complete.
  • Physics-Based Interactions.
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