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Control the Battlefield in Crown Wars: The Black Prince As Preorders Launch

Crown Wars: The Black Prince has unveiled a new gameplay video today to coincide with the launch of preorders.

Crown Wars | The Art of War

The new video transports you to a medieval dark fantasy world with turn-based combat between factions. There are three key tips to remember if you want to win in Crown Wars: The Black Prince: planning and positioning are crucial for attacking enemies and defending effectively; finding higher elevations will grant accuracy and critical hit chance bonuses; and exploiting environmental and class synergies can be the difference between success and failure during missions.

In Crown Wars: The Black Prince, you are plunged into the middle of the Hundred Years’ War as several royal families engage in violent conflicts to decide who will control the most powerful kingdom in the western world. But a powerful Evil lurks in the shadows, and it could change the course of history. An occult and unholy organization known as the Order is sowing chaos across the kingdom in its quest for power.

Crown Wars: The Black Prince will be available for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S from 14 March 2024. The Switch version will be released shortly afterwards.

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