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Cosy detective adventure Chronique des Silencieux launches for PC on January 29

New release date trailer showcases game’s beautiful, hand-drawn aesthetic and rich, peculiar narrative steeped in mystery.

Pierre Feuille Studio is today excited to reveal that hand-drawn historical detective adventure Chronique des Silencieux will launch for PC via Steam on January 29, 2024 priced $24.99, with support for Mac, Linux and additional storefronts due in the following weeks.

To coincide with the announcement a brand new trailer has been released that spotlights the games cosy, compelling historical narrative, eye-catching illustrated aesthetic and highly evocative soundtrack inspired by classic cinema, giallo mystery and crime thrillers.

Chronique des Silencieux – Release Date Trailer

Set in 1970’s France, Chronique des Silencieux sees players step into the shoes of Eugène Faury, a rookie private eye investigating the peculiar case of Victor Dousvalon – a stubborn old history professor who shrouded his life in secrecy.

Players will need a keen eye and sharp mind to solve this delicate mystery, as they are thrown headfirst into the case; meeting a colourful cast of characters whom they must diligently question in an attempt to sort fact from fiction. Only by following the right leads, digging through secret documents and investigating decades old lies, will the truth finally come to light.

Chronique des Silencieux Features

  • Anything Goes to Break the Silence! Become engrossed in the handy work of a detective: search through family papers, ask probing questions, call at inopportune times and well, be generally nosy.
  • Head First Investigation. No more watching characters think for you, this is the time to prove your deductive powers. Choose your leads and follow them to the end or stop when you think you’ve cracked the case. Remember, you’ll need to be convincing to push the silent ones to talk!
  • People’s History. Piece together the lives, the choices and the tragedies of the people you meet, and walk a mile in their shoes. Discover rich histories from street-level where folk continue to live and cope, each in their own unique way.

The game will feature full support for both English and French languages at launch, with additional languages to be added post-launch.

Chronique des Silencieux will launch for PC via Steam on January 29, and is now currently available to wishlist.

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