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Cozy City Builder, Green Again, Announce Trailer Revealed

Publisher Slug Disco Studios and solo developer Máté Mészáros are pleased to debut the announcement trailer for Green Again, a cozy city builder game in which you help a tribe of Sproutlings reclaim their planet.

Green Again Announce Trailer – Cozy City Builder Game

Developed independently by Hungary-based Mészáros, Green Again is a chill and cozy city builder game set in a colourful sci-fi world inhabited by tiny plant people called Sproutlings. They created a terraforming AI, causing an ecological catastrophe and most of their planet is now barren and overrun with defective robots. You must help a brave tribe overcome the dangers and restore the planet to its former green state!

Key Features Of Green Again:

  • Build and grow – Construct settlements by clearing terrain, vanquishing environmental hazards, and defending your farms from bots.
  • Explore – Scout procedurally generated maps that are covered by fog, waiting to be discovered.
  • Restore the environment – Turn the wasteland into lush and green terrain, clear rubble and industrial debris to heal your wounded world.
  • Manage your tribe – Keep the Sproutlings happy and well-fed by gathering resources, and tactically placing farms and other buildings while researching more advanced technologies and upgrades.
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