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Crown Wars: The Black Prince demo version available during Steam Next Fest

Crown Wars: The Black Prince is available in a demo version from today, as part of Steam Next Fest. The game also gives more of a reveal, through 2 videos highlighting major features of its gameplay: the different classes.

Crown Wars | Close Combat Class Overview
Crown Wars | Ranged Combat Class Overview

With six playable classes, players can define their combat strategy by creating a unit with a variety of profiles, combining physical power and exceptional skills to inflict maximum damage on enemies. For close combat, you have the powerful and disciplined Crusaders, the more versatile and adaptable Duelists and finally the Beastmasters with their animal allies, to form the first line of defence. But war is not restricted to savage combat; you also need to show a tactical brain to win on the battlefield. Further options are offered by the Flayers, assassins who are as quick as they are powerful; the Gunners, explosives specialists; and Alchemists, experts in potions. You will need to master these tactical options to put an end to the threat hanging over the kingdom.

Crown Wars: The Black Prince immerses the player into the 100-Years War, pitting several royal families against each other in bloody conflicts, the outcome of which will determine who dons the crown of the most powerful kingdom in the West. But on top of that, there is a powerful force of evil at large, capable of changing history. A secret, malevolent organisation which is sowing chaos across the kingdom in its quest for power – the Order.

Crown Wars: The Black Prince will be available for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S from 7 March 2024. The Switch version will be released shortly afterwards.

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