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Crush Nazis with Science in Sumerian Six, an Alternate History Tactical Adventure

Artificer (Showgunners) and Devolver Digital have pulled the pin and lobbed another game announcement over the summer showcase battlefield, exploding with the reveal of Sumerian Six, a real-time tactical stealth adventure that plunges an unlikely team of commando scientists behind enemy lines to fight Nazis, uncover arcane mysteries and wield experimental technology to turn the tide of WWII.

Sumerian Six | Announce Trailer | Coming 2024 | Demo Available Now

Sumerian Six follows the Enigma Squad, a team of heroes composed of the world’s greatest scientists who must combine their skills to conduct secret missions in their fight against the Third Reich. Tactics enthusiasts can get a taste of what’s in store by heading directly to Steam and downloading the demo, which features the opening two chapters.

Embark on a thrilling journey across multiple continents alongside allies such as the exiled chemist Rosa Reznick, Wojtek the Werebear and the esoteric psychoanalyst Siegfried von Adelsberg. Dispose of your enemies by using each team member’s unique set of abilities inspired by their fields of expertise. Then, learn to master the art of chaining them together for devastating effects to take it to the next level.

As you delve deeper into the Nazi plot, you’ll encounter occult-scientific weapons and ancient Sumerian artifacts linked to Hans Kammler’s machinations – a former member of the team. A grim future awaits you should the Nazis be victorious, so do your best to prevent that dark timeline from coming true in this real-time tactical stealth adventure.

Demon Nazis

Led by Kammler, the Nazis tap into the occult to create the ultimate Wunderwaffe. Face off against heavily armed, mutated and supernaturally charged forces, and put your strategic abilities and dexterity to the ultimate test.

Playful Violence Meets Super Science

Sneak your way around Nazi strongholds and dispatch the ever-present watchmen in a variety of ways before taking on the more serious threats before you. Combine your team’s dynamic powers in creative displays of tactical might.

Travel the World

Inspired by real places and events, Sumerian Six takes you on a journey through an alternate history where folk stories and conspiracy theories are as real as the Nazi threat.

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