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Cubed and Dangerous Demo Available Now

The highly anticipated demo for Ace High Arcade’s charming Cubed and Dangerous is out now on steam! Try it for free ahead of the release of the full game in Q3 this year. Roguelike shooter, ARPG and bullet-hell fans will enjoy the plethora of content and near infinite hours of replayability in this action packed demo.

Headlining Features:

  • Over 70 item templates with infinite procedurally generated variations.
  • Two full acts to explore, plus secrets.
  • Unlockable characters.
  • Custom item card cosmetics for achieving goals in game.
  • Persistent meta progression.
  • And much more.

About Cubed and Dangerous

Cubed and Dangerous is a charming and stylized twin-stick shooter that seamlessly merges action RPG mechanics with the perma-death roguelike format. Featuring hundreds of item templates that feed infinite variations, and intense combat action that is delivered with vibrant colors and visual effects. Manage your resources wisely to ensure survival through the various challenges that await.

Cubed and Dangerous | Indie Game Reveal Trailer
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