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Cult of the Lamb Indulges in the Sins of the Flesh on Jan. 16

Sins of the Flesh, the next free update for cute cult sim Cult of the Lamb, will offer loyal Followers a slew of worldly pleasures across PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch on Jan. 16. To celebrate the release, Cult of the Lamb will also be blessed with a 40% discount for one week (Jan. 16-23).

In its biggest and most wicked content update yet, the Cult’s tendrils extend even further with a blasphemous beneficence of quests, features, improvements and a deliciously evil new resource that rewards those leaders prepared to yield to the Sins of the Flesh.

Cult of the Lamb | Sins of the Flesh Update | January 16

The update arrives alongside news that Cult of the Lamb’s flock continues to swell, having now sold over 3.5 million copies since its launch in 2022. Praise the Lamb.

Sins and Disciples

New progression systems add more depth and complexity to managing the Cult of the Lamb. By following the sinful path, your followers will delight in gluttonous rituals, vain buildings and wrathful doctrines. Invite your most loyal Followers to the inner circle of Disciples, a revamped levelling system of Follower progression.

Better Cult Life

Shiny poop, baneful brooms and bigger, better buildings improve busy Cult life. Shiny poops have special effects, like yielding fruitful crops and adding XP to your broom. Levelling up your broom will make chores faster and more effective. To improve automation, there’s also a new tier for the Janitor Station and the Storage Structures so your Followers will take better care of themselves.

Ready, Aim, Fire

Blast heretics away with the new Blunderbuss weapon. When loaded, it fires big damage in close quarters to bring a new combat playstyle for your crusades. If you charge it up even more with a heavy attack, you can aim to snipe enemies from long range.

Outfits, Options and Offspring

Each of your cultists can flaunt their Follower fashion at the new Tailor building. Once unlocked, each cultist can wear their own outfit, with 23 different styles to choose from. But your Cult is getting even more unique. When two Followers love each other very much, they might find an egg. Nurture the egg for it to hatch, then care for the offspring until they’re ready to pledge allegiance to your Cult.

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