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Cultural Legends Speed into Steam Next Fest with Action Roguelike, Champion Shift

The champions have escaped just in time for Next Fest! Champion Shift, the first PC title from mobile developer SRG Studios, will be featured in February’s Steam Next Fest, followed by an early access release.

Champion Shift: Prologue Official Trailer

Introducing Your Champions

Enter the world of Champion Shift, the exciting action roguelike that puts your favorite legends on the field and behind the wheel. Explore the mythical abilities of Athena, Gilgamesh, Sun Wukong, and more as you battle through hoards of enemies to escape your doomed fate. With the oppressing presence of the Dominion–an agency dedicated to eliminating these legends’ abilities–you must traverse city streets, desert dunes, and seaside landscapes to restore power to you and your fellow heroes. Progress through Champion Shift’s stages wielding Athena’s mighty shield, channeling Gilgamesh’s honed strength, or carrying Wukong’s ranged spear. More champions await! Do you have the power to reach them?

Shifting the Roguelike Genre

Enhance your character’s base kit with stackable boons and abilities earned through combat. Whether maximizing your AOE damage potential or strengthening your brute force, these custom kits are yours to build! Beyond boons, Champion Shift lives up to its name through an exciting transformative ability, allowing any character to transform into a custom car designed in their style. As you race around the map, pick up fuel orbs to extend your car’s playtime and speed through each level. In addition to the single-player experience, Champion Shift expands the genre’s capabilities with its online multiplayer, offering co-op play for up to 4 players. Choose your character, select your upgrades, and fight alongside your friends to channel your inner champion!


  • Unlock globally iconic champions, including Sun Wukong, Athena, and Gilgamesh!
  • Default auto attacks or optional manual aim for a customizable gameplay experience.
  • Challenging enemy encounters test your playstyle and strategy, including boss battles.
  • Shift between vehicle and champion, each with their own strengths and additional skills.
  • Explore hundreds of celestial ability combinations to customize your perfect run.
  • Play solo or co-op with up to 4 players.
  • Original scores designed for each stage, including day and night variations.

The Champion Shift demo is available now for Steam Next Fest, and the game will enter early access later this month. Experience the thrill of this co-op roguelike in early access to be prepared for its full launch!

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