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Curate a slice of hand-painted paradise in Pocket Oasis, releasing May 2024

Launching on 8th May this year, Pocket Oasis is a delightful, idle gardening sim, painted by hand and developed by Swiss indie studio knit’n’purl. Players are invited to get comfortable and take a breather as they grow, decorate and reap the rewards of their own little balcony garden.

For many of us, it feels as though life is too busy to do the things we truly love. It may seem impossible to find the time to travel and visit new cities, really nurture and grow a beautiful garden, or even just sit down and take some well-earned me-time. Pocket Oasis, however, gives players the chance to do all three at once inside of a beautiful watercolour world.

Pocket Oasis: A Glimpse into an Indie Gaming Paradise – Official Trailer

Choose from three beautifully illustrated European backdrops, each with its own distinct weather systems and climates to consider when growing your plants. While at the mercy of realistic weather changes and alternating daylight hours, your balcony is entirely yours to cultivate. Browse the diverse array of plants available, tending to their unique wants and needs, then go on to sell the fruit produced to purchase garden furniture, pets and, of course, more plants!

Much like gardening in real life, Pocket Oasis progresses at a relaxed pace with no stressful quick-time events or taxing puzzles to solve, offering players a welcome break from the busy world around them. Take in the original score, each city boasting its own unique music, and admire the beauty of your personal balcony. Every single element is skillfully hand-painted by watercolour artist Ioana Mihai, providing a truly breathtaking backdrop as you tend to your quiet section of the city.

Working alongside development studio Miracle Tea, knit’n’purl game studio is delighted to reveal the release date for Pocket Oasis. With such a diverse team behind it, the game will fittingly be released in a number of languages in addition to English, including French, Spanish and German.

Pocket Oasis launches on PC via Steam on 8th May 2024, with plans to launch on Nintendo Switch later in the year.

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