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Dark Samurai joins Endless Replayability Fest

The roguelike horde survival game Dark Samurai will participate in the Endless Replayability Fest on Steam starting on May 13th, 2024. Demo available now.


Dark Samurai is a roguelike horde survival game with permanent progression, a persistent open world, quests, and online co-op, set in feudal Japan overrun by demons.

Demo Content

  • Two playable characters with unique abilities. Play as samurai and slay demons with your katana or play as archer and hunt demons from afar.
  • Seven distinct weapons. Swing your katana, throw shuriken, charge up your power-shot, bring explosives, or tap into chakra magic.
  • Thirty unique upgrades. Enhance damage, range, and critical strikes as you level up. Slash and shoot faster, perhaps even duplicate yourself.
  • Additional permanent upgrades. After every run, increase your abilities to slay even more demons next time.
Dark Samurai – Announce Trailer
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