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“Dawn of Man”-inspired, The Ancients, brings turn-based prehistoric survival strategy to PC June 5

Grab your spears! Turn-based prehistoric survival strategy, The Ancients, will be releasing to Early Access June 5 to Steam, Epic & GOG. Developed by small Turkey-based indie studio GorillaSoftworks and published by Camlann Games.

The Ancients takes the core mechanics of real-time prehistorical survival strategy, Dawn of Man, and brings it to a unique turn-based experience, complete with deep skill tree, diverse wildlife, real Ice Age biomes and increasingly challenging migration routes to keep your survival skills honed.

The Ancients | Early Access Release Date Announcement | June 5

Some highlights:

  • A complete tutorial, campaign mode and procedurally generated sandbox mode for infinite replayability are available from Day 1 in the Early Access release.
  • 60+ historically accurate resources & animals to discover, gather & hunt.
  • 75+ research nodes and society paths to boost replayability and diversify your approach to managing your tribe & surviving the harsh Ice Age environments.
  • Needs management mechanics will be familiar to survival fans.
  • Society management mechanics are new and unique to the genre, showcasing multiple decision paths with meaningful consequences.
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