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Dead Battery Games Announces New Title Endless Tactics in New Demo for Deckbuilder Festival

Dead Battery Games is excited to announce their newest game Endless Tactics a 2D turn-based strategy roguelite with the launch of their Steam Page and a new demo for the Steam Deckbuilder Festival. Extract valuable resources and fend off alien fauna as you seek interplanetary riches.

Endless Tactics is a turn-based roguelite game where you play as the commander of a high risk planetary mining operation. Defend your base from alien hordes as you extract valuable minerals weathering dangerous planetary conditions such as spore filled meteors, discover valuable drop pods, and use your wits to outsmart the alien fauna that wants you gone. When things get too hairy, extract to your orbiting spaceship to rearm, upgrade, and organize other forays into this lucrative solar system unlocking more dangerous and profitable planets along the way. Good luck, Commander. The company is counting on you to make a buck.

Key Features:

  • Secure Your Operation: Defend your mining operation from the alien menace! Manage a variety of units from infantry to towering mechs to fight back the deadly alien hordes as you extract valuable resources!
  • Tools of the Trade: Outfit your orbiting spaceship with the latest gear in excavation technology and upgrade your troops to better withstand your dangerous foes!
  • A Whole Solar System of Profit: Approach operations in any order you wish and choose what missions you under take. This solar system is home to a variety of planets from verdant jungles to toxic wastelands.
  • Every Excavation Brings Danger: Random events such as spore carrying meteor showers, earthquakes, errant pods full of valuable equipment and a whole slew of other events accompany each mission tilting the odds in and out of your favor.
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