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Death Noodle Delivery, the “Paperboy” Inspired Narrative Arcade Title, Has Launched on Steam for PC Today

Publishers Troglobytes Games and indie studios Tiny Pixel & Stupidi Pixel are proud to announce the launch of Death Noodle Delivery, their surreal, cyberpunk narrative-action game available for purchase on Steam for PC for just $4.99 today!

Death Noodle Delivery, thrusts you into a failed and deadly cyberpunk world, where dangers lurk in every corner and live what may be Jimmy’s last seven days.

Most citizens spend their entire lives working and seeking leisure within the walls of their apartments, connected to cyberspace, seeking to quench themselves in all kinds of pleasures, from Sex AIs to very strong drugs, they anxiously survive crisis after crisis.

Not everyone can live a good life though, and some people still have physical jobs to do. This is the case for Jimmy, your character, who must deliver his boss’ noodles across the crime-ridden cyber city he calls home.

The game proposes a blend of fast-paced action and storytelling, allowing players to uncover the secrets of the game world as they progress through the seven-day survival challenge. From engaging in conversations with quirky neighbors to scouring the web for hacks and hidden pleasures, players can let themselves delve deep into the heart of this cyberpunk metropolis.

Death Noodle Delivery also features the ability to upgrade and customize your hoverboard into a formidable weapon, transform your old board into a powerful killing machine by hacking AI and installing new upgrades, such as cat bombs and time warp!

Key Features:

Ride through a cyberpunk city on the brink of collapse:
Deliver your boss’ noodles escaping dangers like AI drones and bad drivers.
Learn the best tactics to survive each delivery ride and get home in one piece.

Upgrade your hoverboard from a rusty ironing board to a powerful machine:
Jailbreak AI to unlock new power-ups.
Utilize AI simulations to practice deliveries and test new board features.

Interact with neighbors to uncover their hidden stories:
Meet the folks living in your apartment and form relationships.
Explore the web for hacks and pleasures.

Death Noodle Delivery is available for purchase today for the price of $4.99 on Steam for PC. Console players can also rest assured that the game will make its way to other platforms soon, including Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation, later in the year.

The game is today available to play in English, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, French, German, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Turkish. Catalan will arrive in a separate update shortly.

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