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Defy the Apocalypse! Paradox Arc Announces Escape the Mad Empire

Guide a band of heroes through apocalyptic dungeons and overcome formidable challenges in this highly tactical rogue-like dungeon crawler.

Paradox Interactive, a publisher of challenging games about running empires, today announces their partnership with XperimentalZ Games to publish Escape the Mad Empire, a dungeon-crawling game with intense tactical pause combat and base management gameplay that will release in Early Access on Steam in 2024 under the Paradox Arc publishing initiative.

You can try Escape the Mad Empire today by playing the demo, including a mini-campaign and a challenging boss fight! You can find the demo here.

Escape the Mad Empire is a rogue-like dungeon-crawling game where you control a party of heroes facing near-impossible odds in a series of procedurally generated, apocalyptic dungeons, filled to the brim with foes, traps, and deadly boss fights. Leverage the tactical pause system to execute complex strategies in the blink of an eye and clutch victory from the jaws of defeat. As you overcome the threats of the apocalypse, manage your heroes’ instability, grow your base, and fight to survive until you Escape the Mad Empire or fall to its horrors.

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