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Demonic Entities Are Roaming The Locations & Environments Of ‘DEATHWATCHERS’ Creeping You Out On Steam

Who Flicked The Lights Off?!?

Indie game developer and publisher SWAIN GAMES is proud to announce July 12th 2024 as the official Early Access release date of DEATHWATCHERS, the thrilling continuation and official sequel to the massively popular DEATHWATCH horror-game. In the original release, you were tasked to observe supposedly haunted locations, observe and log paranormal events and use the tools at your disposal to gather data on any potential paranormal threats and exterminate them if necessary. DEATHWATCHERS is the first proper 4-player, online co-op, ‘spot-the-difference’ horror game in the genre and promises to entertain, excite, and scare the wits out of you!


DEATHWATCHERS is all about thrills and chills. Using various tools, you must find and log a wide variety of different events all while trying your best to not aggravate whatever dangerous entities that may reside within your chosen location. Once you’ve figured out the ingredients needed to perform the banishing ritual, you need to build your ritual and try to banish the entity. Trust your judgement and be sure not to use any incorrect ingredients or you may never leave… You have the option to play co-op with up to 4-players or choose to partake in a single-player experience. There are two primary modes of play, the brand-new DEATHWATCHERS mode and a legacy CLASSIC mode that allows you to play the new environments and locations incorporating the original DEATHWATCH gameplay.

DEATHWATCHERS includes a lot of content and levels are produced dynamically, ensuring unique investigations with each gameplay session, and all occurring events are random. The game has a strong emphasis on atmosphere, creating tension through audio, subtle spooks and hinting that something dreadful is just about to happen. What will happen and when it will happen is for you to discover during your investigations! Travel to your destination and buy and set up all the required equipment. You must log events using your event logger, observe cameras through your tablet, setup your lighting, snapshot photos for documentation and archives. You can even earn digital cash by streaming your investigations to your viewers. Can you figure out the ingredients needed for your banishing ritual to rid the environment of demonic threats?


  • Dynamic Levels and Random Events.
  • Creepy, Intelligent, Entity AI.
  • Online 4-player Co-op Mode.
  • Single-Player Mode.
  • Stream Your Investigations To Your Viewers!
  • Dynamic Weather Generation.
  • DEATHWATCHERS Mode & Classic Mode.
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