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Dice of Arcana Reveal

Indie Developer Studio Evil is excited to announce its new title, Dice of Arcana.

Dice of Arcana is a roguelite dice game that takes you on a bloody journey inside a caravan led by a malevolent puppet.

Match after match, you’ll face arcane and occult figures, collecting different powerful dice and unlawful items that will allow you to break the game rules and survive. Beat your rivals or lose your fingers to make your way to the final, infernal opponent.

Observe carefully what’s outside the caravan; the road harbors marvelous items and terrible horrors. Don’t upset the puppet and don’t fail: losing means death.

Key Features

  • Collect dice and unique items.
  • Face and defeat lost souls and arcane enemies.
  • Combine sorcerous effects to dominate the game.
  • Enter different planes of existence to change the game rules.
  • Watch your fingers close. It’s easy to lose them!

The game is scheduled for release in Q4 2024 on Steam, for PC, MacOS and Steamdeck.

Dice of Arcana – Announcement Trailer
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