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Dig deep with new strategy mining game Drill Core, coming to PC later this year

Mine the planet’s depths and overcome alien attacks in this unique explorative miner.

Developer Hungry Couch, creators of Black Skylands, and publisher tinyBuild, are delighted to announce their upcoming strategic mining game Drill Core. Dig to the centre of the planet, find rare materials, and defend yourself from alien attack as you build your mining platform base and plan the best way to strike it rich. Try out the playtest available on Steam now!

Drill Core – Announcement Trailer | tinyBuild Connect 2024

Boss others into doing the hard work for you as you manage your own mining crew to descend deeper into the planet’s core. Deep dive and drill down on those deliverables by investing in a mix of barracks, factories and new tech during the day to keep your colony strong and reach the planet’s core. Make important corporate decisions like building up your platform’s defences with turrets and guards to keep everyone safe, or pushing on for glory and greater rewards by focusing on the dig. Be mindful though, as when night falls aliens will attack from both above and below and endanger your precious revenue.

Each mission is unique, with procedurally generated planets, monsters, and conditions to test your strategy prowess. Will you move the needle and disrupt your approach or is it all above your paygrade? Collect valuable resources as you mine downwards to spend on upgrading your rig and employing new workers to optimise your dig. Each successful mission will unlock new upgrades for your platform so be sure to plan carefully and pick the right tools for the job. How deep will you get on your next run?


  • Drill down to the planet’s core and earn mineral riches.
  • Lead your crew to boost your revenue.
  • Build factories, barracks and tech to grow your base.
  • Defend your colony from hordes of aliens.
  • Customise your platform and plan your dig for the most rewards.
  • Every mission is unique with randomised enemies and dig conditions.
  • Nostalgic pixel art style.

Dig your way to strategy success with Drill Core, coming to Early Access on PC in Q4 2024.

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